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Monro Muffler Brake & Service Complaint - What the world should know about monro - customer care
Monro Muffler Brake & Service Complaint

Monro Muffler Brake & Service Complaint


What the world should know about monro - customer care

Well I know a'lot more about this company being I am a store manager But suck at writing bare with me for what I have learned over the past yr is this company is all about figures being it is a cooperate to give you an idea they want everyone to open their stores till 5:00 pm on labor day when I asked the question what about our families ken answered what about them! ok after that i know they don't care about family.Now they have what is called cdi billing in lame terms is direct billing they have over 7000 stores there is no 1 brake rotor in the house that cost more than 12.00 bucks but average list price is 100.00 we are told to use the cheapest parts we can get they also sell semi -metallic pads off as ceramics which I have proof I have been watching the ethnics of this company for the reason that when i spoke to my manager he said "this is a cooperate you do not go against them just do as they say no matter if you think it is wrong" I said what! he said " do you want to be the one to try" I responded by saying this is how this country was built for challenging things we felt unfair he asked again is that what you want to do!I thought about this and now have a answer yes so anyone looking to obtain info on the unethical things this cooperate does contact me I have video,scans and audio conversations with my boss that are currently going to be up loaded onto youtube tonight.If ther are any monro stock holders that care contact me and I can explain to you what is going down in your company or call ken 860-861-8400 maybe he will tell you how he wants to put calipers on every car whether it needs it or not

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angrytechnician says: (9 years ago)
Man, I was promised $13 an hour and 14% comission, after first pay went down to 11 and 12% then $9 when you do run shop time. I have to deal with a manager that is unprofessional, I have seen him pour brake fluid on a customers bumper, a technicians tool box lit on fire and urinated on, oil filters in the trash, coolant down the drain. Every single piece of equiptment is broken in someway ie tire machine, balancer, brake lathe ect. We are told to do Coolant drain and fill customers are charged for flushes ect. And to top it off this store manager screams and yells, throws/smashes things all in front of customers. He flips out because he gets so high that he forgets what he's doing and then blames other employees for his own stupidity. This is the worst job I have ever had! EVER!! I think this company should be shut down, there is no way that this could be legal?!

vinny1969 says: (9 years ago)
You are absolutley right... Monro does not care in the least about you (as an employee) or your family. I have worked for many corporations and privatley owned businesses in my life, and by far Monro has been the worst. I have tried with no success to get back pay, shorted pay, due raises, etc... and I can never get an answer or any result. I found out after 7 months of working for them, that my pay rate is "adjustable"... determined by how much service is sold. (something they failed to mention upon hiring me) They are also severly over priced- they charge thier customers an average of three to five times as much for parts compared to prices at auto parts stores. Then they charge $95.00 an hour for labor, and pay a "mechanic" 8 or 10 dollars an hour... most of thier "mechanics" are not experienced, if at all in auto repair, no less in changing your oil. This is due to the fact that no self respecting auto mechanic will work for $8.00 an hour... so you can imagine what's left to hire. The company is constantly coming up with new work policies to try to prevent, or limit the amount of damages paid. Such as- oil outs (blown engine)
Wheel offs (you get the point) due to the fact all of thier employees are below average, or smply very poorly trained technicians with very little idea of what they're doing. The list of wrong things that monro does, and on how many levels they do it, is so long that I can't even begin to explain it all. If you're a consumer reading this- I highly suggest you do not go to a Monro muffler/service outlet. Try Goodyear- they are a much more decent company, and actually train and reward thier technicians.

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