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Monro Muffler Brake & Service Complaint - totally unethical...though not technically illegal - "replacement" alternator
Monro Muffler Brake & Service Complaint

Monro Muffler Brake & Service Complaint


totally unethical...though not technically illegal - "replacement" alternator

When my car broke down out of town, I had the alternator replaced at Mr. Tire - affiliate of Monro and Tread Quarters. I have a Saab, and I know its expensive...but there is mark-up, and then their is highway robbery. They told me it would cost $700 for a new alternator, but I could get a re-fab overnighted from Albany (because there isn't a single Saab alternator in the entire city of Buffalo) for $399. I was stuck, and they knew it. The car broke again a week later. As instructed by the Mr. Tire folks, I called a Monro in Rochester to make good on the warranty. When I called, an electrical engineer advised me that Saabs were very difficult and recommended that if I thought it was an electrical problem I should bring it to a dealer. If it was the alternator, of course they would honor the warranty. Right. So I bring the car to said dealer, and they say I have a faulty alternator. They do not use re-fabs because this happens all the time, and they're not worth a crap. A new alternator would cost me $375 - wait a second! The new one, is less than the re-fab?! oh yes. so I did some research on the wholesale cost of the Saab 9-3 alternator and found that the average base price was between $150 and $225. Shady. So I call Mr. Tire and they yell at me for not taking the car to a Monro, so I yell at them for having an idiot who told me not to. I ask them to send the money to the dealership for a new alternator and issue me a refund check for the difference. The labor was less too - win win right? Wrong. Monro refuses to honor the warranty unless the car is repaired at one of their shops. We'll find out why. I decide that I don't want to die on that hill, and they tow my car back to Rochester to a different shop than the one with the electrical engineer who was afraid of Saabs...like I believe that the mechanics are smarter on the East side than downtown. You'd think at this point that they'd get right on it. Oh no. A day later when I haven't heard from the shop I call them. "Oh thats your car!" the guy says. "I was gonna call you, but I actually lost your sheet...oh wait, here it is right here. Yeah...that parts on order." On order? Were you ever gonna tell me that you towed my car away from a shop that could have fixed it immediately, for less, and without you having to tow it only for me to ride my bike in the rain for another 4 days? I call another shop looking for the manager that I dealt with first - grease monkey asks me what happened and proceeds to talk to me as if he were born first: "what do you expect, you bought a Saab?! You should know better by now, it takes a while to get Saab parts. I mean, I can't just pull an alternator out of my butt!" oh, you did not just say that. Manager frowns but offers no apology. I ask for an oil change to soften the of my Easter weekend with no car. They refuse. I say I want a NEW alternator this time. I get no answer. I e-mail their customer service and get a very curt reply asking me to forward the appropriate documents and they will correct any discrepancies - as if rudeness, lateness, impertinence, tolls, gas, time and bike rides appear on a repair invoice. Of course we all know that if he really wanted to help, he would have looked at his computer and gotten them himself. tut tut. I finally get my car back. I mentally add an interior detailing to their tab...the leather is covered with car yuck. I get a message from manager informing me that they're putting a new alternator in, but there are some "loose connections" and they think there might be some other electrical problem. You're telling me basically...on my way out the door...that I should expect another problem?! What the hell is a "loose connection?" I mean - did you install the alternator or not? Not. Car promptly dies again next day. Sick of these jerks, I take the car somewhere else. They say its the alternator. oh brother. it can't be the alternator. what are the odds of getting two bunk alternators in a row? They search for other possibilities. I rack up a grand in other expenses trying to find the cause of my dead car. This shop suggests I change the battery after all this dying and resuscitation. Since my Saab battery was under warranty I brought it back to the dealer. They hook up my car and say "Stack, we promise, its the alternator." they show it to me - I'm not a mechanic, but I'm not stupid either - hook up alternator, battery drains, detach alternator, battery fine. The mechanic who looked at my car two weeks earlier takes out the alternator and tells me that they never changed it. Its the same faulty one he saw two weeks ago. Same sticker, little x on it. I totally got lied to...like a rug. $1000+ in expenses that didn't actually fix anything. All because they didn't do what they said they were going to do. After I made a huge stink, they condescended to reimburse me for the cost of the original work I had done at the Mr. Tire. Nothing but the bottom line. No going out of their way for you. No customer service. No apologies. These people overcharge by a ton for the absolute bare minimum allowed by law. And when you confront them about it, they make you into the problem. Don't go there!!!

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